Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cold Beach

This morning we met at my mom's gravesite for the interment. This was a short ceremony and again, the weather was a windy biting cold:

After the interment, we returned to my mom's house and hung out with family the rest of the day. A popular pastime was looking through photo albums. Rachel found this treasure much laughter ensued:

Emily cuddled with Spike and Donnie, two of my mom's 4 dogs. They're sweet and Emily really wanted to take Donnie home with her.

Their lives are about to become very different. One of mom's long-time nurses is adopting Spike. We are currently looking for homes for the remaining 3, though we have a couple of solid fall-back positions if we can't find suitable homes.

In the afternoon, it warmed up enough to consider walking along the beach. Jo-Anne, Laura and I walked the boardwalk. I've never really been to the beach in January. It's blustery, but beautiful:

Icicles hung from the jetty:

The iconic Dolles sign on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk:

We had one last dinner together at Crabby Dick's before Laura, Emily, and Rachel left for Baltimore. Rachel head back to Miami at 5:30am tomorrow from BWI. Emily goes to Santa Barbara at 6:30am. Laura then drives up to Philadelphia to catch her 6pm flight to Sevilla. It was particularly sad parting. I suppose that's the result of the somber reason for our being together. Somehow knowing that we won't be together until at least the summer (if not longer) is more painful in the wake of my mom's death. Such is life.