Thursday, November 8, 2018

Artificial Birds

Today was a pretty mathy day. It's nice when you have an idea and it's meaty enough to get you through the whole day. Even better when it's all pencil and paper:

In my continued quest to escape the urban landscape, I found a 4 hour youtube video that is a recording of a forest somewhere in the northeast. With that playing in the background all day, sometimes you actually feel like you're in a forest in upstate PA--the bird calls are so familiar to someone that grew up there. I actually am now devising ways in which I might make my own long recording of some PA forest sounds.


It rained a lot today. There was a slight break in the afternoon and I was able to sneak in my daily walk/run, but I got rained on for a bit. I also did some laundry. I set the drying rack up in the living room under the room heater. With the heater and a fan, everything dried by this evening except the jeans. Even they're pretty close to dry. I need to do another load tomorrow, but the forecast seems more amenable to outdoor drying. Fingers crossed.


Our habit has been to go out to eat once a week on Friday and to try different places around Sevilla. This week we decided to switch to Thursdays to avoid weekend crowds. We went to a place recommended by one of Laura's classmates called Bar Antojo:

One of the nice things about tapas is the variety is endless and they're cheap, so it really encourages you to just try stuff. We usually get 3 and share. This evening we tried some croquettes, a leek concoction, and very blackened cod:

All of it was really good and I think we'd both be happy to go back. I'm not a huge fan of fish, but the cod was amazing. The black crust was so good. I have no idea how it was made. They also had beer:

Cruzcampo is the lifeblood of Sevilla. I have grown quite fond of it.