Sunday, February 24, 2019

Tour de Sevilla

I tweaked my foot, so I'm trying to minimize walk/running on it for a couple of days. Today, to get some exercise, I rode one of the bike shares for about 90 mins. Since you can only keep a bike out of the system for at most 30 mins at a time, I had to stay close to the bike share stations and keep myself on a 25 min timer. I managed to avoid any overages and rode to some parts of the city down south that I hadn't explored before. This part of Sevilla has the other soccer stadium for the other pro team in town, Betis:

The neighborhoods in the vicinity of the stadium are quite nice. Mostly newer construction (within the past 10 to 15 years):

There are several nice green spaces down there too:


I didn't do much math today. Instead I watched a bit of Netflix and talked to Rachel, Jo-Anne and Kathy on the phone. I tried Emily, but she didn't pick up. I may try her again after I finish up here. I'm hoping to get a start on a draft of a paper this week. Most of the math is done, it remains to write it up in a cohesive and interesting way.