Monday, July 23, 2018

La Velá de Triana continues

La Velá de Triana continues here in the neighborhood although not much happens in the daylight hours. There was another greased pole/capture the flag thing happening on the river this evening. Most stuff happens in the evening from around 8pm to around 1am.

Last night we went out to the square where there is a temporary stage in place. The crowd was pretty healthy:
The first performer was an older guy singing with a guitar accompaniment. Later on, a younger, flamenco style singer took over:
It's definitely a pro-Triana affair with all of the performers talking about how Triana is "the best" neighborhood in Sevilla etc. We did hit a gelato place before heading home. The two workers there were very busy, but also very friendly. One of them helped Laura come up with a great combo of dark chocolate and some kind of toffee gelato. Here's them working while we had our gelatos in the shop:

My normal shirt of choice is an unmarked t-shirt. T-shirts are pretty popular here. Nearly all of them have some kind of english phrase on the front. My t-shirts stand out by their boringness. That said, today I wore one of two shirts total that I have with me that have writing on them. In this case, my University of Miami Band t-shirt:
The other one is from the Sawtooth Grill in Hood River.

I put in a good amount of math work this afternoon. Laura had her Spanish class. I met her after class and we went to a photo shop to get me some passport pictures. I'm going to get an "international drivers permit" so that we can rent cars here in Spain (an IDP is required).

After dinner, I watched a little Rick & Morty on Netflix. At 10pm, we headed out to see who/what was on stage this evening. Looked like a live comedy radio show. I barely know Spanish, so watching a comedy gig in Spanish was not going to work for us. We continued to walk around a bit. We saw a local police car:
 The beer & tapas tent street was packed again:
 The tents stretch a good solid block along the river:
 Our street is closed to cars:
 But that didn't stop folks from patronizing the beer & tapas place across from our flat:
Looking forward to seeing what happens here tomorrow. Until then...