Saturday, June 22, 2019

Aquatic u-turns

I've always noticed that the tourist boats do u-turns at one particular bridge. I was out walking along the river today and noticed a boat approaching, so I did a timelapse of the turnaround:

Gives you an idea of where the term "drifting" in car racing comes from, haha.


Laura started some of the many cleaning chores we have in front of us over the next few days. She dusted and cleaned the baseboards:


One of the Chinese students at Laura's school made some spicy noodles for the picnic the other night. She and I were the only people there that would eat them (remember Spaniards don't like spicy). She let me take them home and I had them for lunch today. So good:


I haven't been walking along the river much these past couple of months since I got my gym membership. Today I walked it for the first time in a while and possibly the last time. Here's the best bridge: