Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Dump Runs

The sorting of items from my mom's house continued today. Jo-Anne worked the phone to deal with all of my mom's accounts, financials etc. Kathy and I made dump runs. We got to be pretty friendly with the attendant at the landfill. The landfill itself was pretty interesting. I've always been mesmerized by heavy equipment, so I stared at the loaders for a while during my visits:

After the dump, we straightened out the cable/internet/phone issues. Basically, we closed my mom's account and reopened a stripped-down account in my sister's name. I had to set up the internet again as well as the phone and tv. It went relatively smoothly. I couldn't help but rename the wifi to "ImpeachTrump".

Shine came to the house and adopted Spike. One dog down, three to go. Later she sent photos of her two little girls playing with Spike. Big win for him. I think he'll be loved and well cared for there.

Donnie and Midnight seemed to miss Spike. They looked out the front window for a long time afterwards:

Emily and Rachel made it back to their respective homes without incident. Laura is somewhere over the Atlantic on her way back to Sevilla as I write this. I miss them all and am looking forward to getting back to Sevilla with Laura even though I've enjoyed my time here in Delaware with my sibs.