Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cool days

People here are amazed at how cool the weather has been these past couple of days and how cool it looks in the forecast. It was nice to open the windows when I got up and let in the cool air:

It was overcast this morning when I went out for my run and a pleasant 70 degrees. While I was stretching in the other bedroom this morning in preparation for my run, I noticed these heights marked on the trim of the closet:
It's a reminder that Mario and Palma raised two children in this flat for a number of years.

I noticed that the cafe/bar on the other side of the river is putting in a tile patio for patrons:

This evening, after Laura's class, we walked across the bridge and saw this massive crowd gathered in the same cafe/bar watching the England v. Croatia world cup semi on an outdoor screen:
You could almost tell what was happening in the match by the collective groans, sighs and cheers of the crowd. Much of the group seemed to be Brits on vacation here. I'm watching the 2nd half in Spanish coverage as I write this.

On the way back across the river, we saw an evening tour boat:

As you know, I'm more of a beer drinker than I am a wine drinker. The beer is much less varied here than in the US. I've been buying singles of the popular beers in the local grocery store. A lot of it is unremarkable. So far I guess my favorite is Cruzcampo's Gran Reserv. The one I had tonight:
was not good. Almost ready to settle on the Gran Reserv.

The game is tied now. Since I have little interest in the outcome, I'm happy with a close game.