Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Village People

Our first full day in The Villages was enjoyable. We went to the pool this morning while the weather was good (and hot). We noticed this little yard sign while walking:

I thought it was pretty clear, and cute too.

While at the pool, I called Lynette and got caught up on the Walla Walla news. She's also willing to pick us up at the airport next Thursday. Turns out, even arriving at the airport at 6pm, all of the rental car agencies will be closed (small town). Lynette will pick us up and take us home and either lend us one of her cars, or we'll pick up a rental in the morning.

Laura got her haircut today. I think it looks really good:

Sharron organized Tom's pills and vitamins for the coming week:

The sheer quantity of pills is really daunting.

I started writing the text of my convocation talk. I'll feel better once I have about 1500 words that I can start hacking away at.

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I finally feel like I'm meeting my Mexican food quota again after a year of very little in Spain.

After dinner, Laura, Sharron and Tom went down to one of the town squares to see some musicians play. I went to the gym.

This evening Laura and I watched Stage 5 of the Tour de France.


Walla Walla and the Whitman community continue to reel at the murder of Kyle Martz on Monday. Martz worked in student services at Whitman for about 7 years supporting international students. Though I didn't know him, he was universally liked. Apparently the murder, committed by a homeless man, was random, though clearly a lot remains to be disclosed. The perpetrator was captured in Baker City and has admitted to the crime.