Monday, November 26, 2018


As you know, we don't have a clothes dryer here in Sevilla. After washing a load of clothes, we have two options: hang the clothes on the clothesline on the roof, or hang the clothes on a drying rack in the living room. The former is the preferred method. A pair of jeans using the latter method takes about 2 days to dry. Plus, you have the drying rack taking up valuable real estate in the apartment. As such, this is me on laundry day:

Studying the charts, reading the graphs, trying to figure out if it's going to stay clear and dry long enough to wash and subsequently dry the clothes outside. (Also, not really me, just a random photo from google images, but you get the point.)

Today based on my careful analysis using logarithms and parallel super computers, I decided to hang the laundry outside. When I got home from language class, Laura had already taken it down and folded it, dry as a bone. A success! (Last week it rained on our clothes, so it's definitely still a hit or miss process.)

Indeed, this was the view from the bridge as I came back home:


In preparation for the parade of house guests we'll be having over the next 6 weeks or so, I moved my office out of the second bedroom and into a little breakfast nook in the kitchen:

It has its pros and cons. It's kinda noisy, especially when the washing machine or clothes washer is going. It has a window onto the courtyard, but you can smell cigarette smoke when the downstairs neighbor takes a smoke break. It has a little heater, but can get too hot when Laura's cooking (worth it). At least there's a bottle of wine for when things get really tough.


This evening there was a bit of a commotion on the street. I looked out and there was a crew spraying down the road with a high-pressure hose. They do take care of the streets here in Sevilla: