Thursday, September 13, 2018

Late-night Ladders

I typically go to bed around 11 or 11:30 here (people that know me, know that's late for me, but when in Spain...). Laura stays up much later. According to her, they were banging around out on the street with their ladders decorating until well after midnight. This is the finished product:

I continued to work on some teachable methods for refining a machine learning project today. Once I got myself organized, I found it a much more productive and enjoyable experience. I still haven't done a second submission on my data science competition, but I have developed a way of organizing data science projects, figured out how to put together a scikit-learn pipeline, and how to use GridSearchCV to find optimal hyperparameters for a machine learning algorithm. I also figured out how to implement a custom KFold cross validation scheme and how to get it to use a log loss scoring system. 

Needless to say, other than my run/walk this morning, I didn't really get out much today. I feel a bit slothful (at least physically).