Tuesday, August 7, 2018

More on Cervantes

I dismissed Cervantes' connection to Sevilla a bit too quickly yesterday. Laura pointed me to this article, Cervantes in Seville: The Prince Of Spanish Wit In Andalusia. The TLDR, he moved to Sevilla in the late 16th century and was a tax collector. He cheated, went to prison. His time in prison is said to have motivated his writing of Don Quixote. The bronze of him I showed yesterday is on Calle Entre Carceles ("between the jails"). Street names are on the buildings here (and in a lot of Europe). If you look closely at the corner of this building across from the bronze, you can see the aforementioned street name:

Went out for a walk this morning and hit some areas with more modern buildings:
The building in the center is beautiful and seems to house lots of social service agencies. The tall one on the right is still a mystery to me. It's closed.

This bridge is a couple bridges north of our bridge (the best bridge). It doesn't really go anywhere and is very lightly used, which is why I'm able to stand in the middle of the road and take a picture at 8:30am (rush hour):
It seems to be yet another relic of the expo in '92. Here's my running path along the river as it looks from this bridge:
Looks like they're painting the building across the street from us. They start early and end around 1:30pm, I guess to avoid the peak daytime heat:
At the market today, we saw this little dog waiting for its master in the foyer/entrance. Pretty friendly:
Got a decent amount of math done today.  Time for bed now.