Sunday, December 9, 2018

Dancing King

This evening we went to see the Christmas light display we attempted to see a few days ago. They're three wire-frame arrangements of lights meant to signify the three kings of the manger story:

Every half hour loudspeakers around the plaza play some Christmas music and the crowns flash in patterns timed to the music. It's fun to see and it definitely drew a crowd, but no where near the crowd of a few nights ago, thankfully.


Other than that, pretty relaxed day. Laura made some chili for dinner. The weather continues to be lovely, low 70s today (yes laundry occurred). Sadly, it appears we're in for a stretch of cloudy and 50 degree weather right as Rachel arrives.


We spoke to Rachel on the phone today. Also, spoke to Halley for the first time since we left WW. The time difference makes it a challenge, but definitely need to work harder at keeping in touch.


I finally finished my Christmas present for the girls.