Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jet Lag

Seems like the 3hr time change to the west coast is hitting us harder than the 6hr time change from Spain to the east coast of the US. We both had a hard time getting going and keeping going today. We made a quick run to Costco to get some fruit. Our Spanish Costco card was accepted here with no issues. Emily worked in the lab this morning and then met us at her place for lunch. We ate the leftover burritos from the night before and played with the bunnies.

Laura shared some strawberries with the bunnies:

They seemed to enjoy them.

After lunch break, Emily went back to work and Laura and I took a nap at the hotel. Through an immense effort of will, we got ourselves up and went for a walk along Goleta Beach Park--just down from UCSB. The ocean was beautiful:

We continued our walk onto campus and wound our way back to Emily's office. She joined us there and we headed to Masala Spice Indian Cuisine for dinner. The food was fabulous. Highly recommend. The fig walnut kofta was amazing.

(still no pictures of Emily, tomorrow)