Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The first day of the rest of the year, Sevilla

Our flight from Madrid was 7:20am this morning. Neither of us slept well in anticipation of the travel. We needn't have worried though. The hotel van, clearing security in a Spanish airport etc, all went smoothly.

We got a cab from the Sevilla airport to our flat and met our landlord right on time. He seems really thoughtful. He seemed to know we'd be frazzled, even at 9am, so he just let us in to the flat, gave us the major info and agreed to meet us again tomorrow once we have the lay of the land.

After living out of a suitcase for the past three-plus weeks, unpacking our suitcases and expanding out into our living space, knowing we were settled in for the long-haul, was wonderful:
The flat has a washer but no dryer. Clotheslines for all of the flats in the building are on the roof. We went up there, just to check it out:

We tried to keep moving today, so walked around the neighborhood a bit. Our street is quite narrow and comes off of a touristy strip off of the west side of the Puente de Triana (Triana Bridge) that crosses the Canal de Alfonso XIII. Our neighborhood is called Triana.

Our street Alfareria, we are on the 3rd floor (2nd in Europe) of the the reddish building at the right of this photo: 
Right behind me in the above photo, our street joins Calle San Jacinto, one of many touristy strips about the downtown:
Mario, thoughtful person that he is, provided us some fruit, bread and tea to get us started. Laura and I found a small grocery store with a relatively good selection and decent, less than touristy prices, about a block west and bought a few additional things, including cheese and meat. We made sandwiches for lunch using Mario's bread:
After lunch, I slept for about 2 hours, then Laura and I walked around a bit. We crossed the bridge to the other side of the canal, deeper into the tourist area. It was a warm, clear, sunny day with very low humidity, very much like Walla Walla at this time of year:

This "turret" is at the west end of the bridge:
 The view of the east side of the canal from the bridge, the so-called "Centro" neighborhood:
 In the Centro neighborhood was what appears to be an overgrown moat around an old building that is now the University of Sevilla:
 This building is ambiguously described as a "State Government Office" by Google, pretty building though:
 Back on the west side of the canal, my attempt at an artsy photo of the east side of the canal:
 Finally, the obligatory first day in Sevilla selfie.
We're hoping to get some sleep tonight, meet with Mario tomorrow to get additional details about the flat, visit Carrefour for some household items we didn't find at our local grocery store and start thinking mathematical thoughts.