Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dog of the Day

Another Mercadona dog of the day. About half the time we go grocery shopping, there's a dog tied to the "hitching post" in the foyer of the store. I always try to take a picture:
I may have mentioned that sliced "Iberian" ham is a big deal here. Today I got some video of a butcher shaving off thin slices of cured ham:

Today is a video-heavy day. There was a crew at the foot of the Triana bridge inflating a "building":
At first I thought it was an inflatable mat and that somebody was going to jump off of the bridge, but in a couple of minutes this happened:
Still cool, but maybe not as cool as a bridge jumping stunt person. Ultimately, I never did figure out what was going on because when I passed by later in the afternoon it was gone.

The keyboard on my Surface died this afternoon. I've spent a fair amount of time trying to fix it, but no joy:
Fortunately, I have a spare keyboard that I can use, but I guess I'll get a replacement and see if that works. Note in this image of the computer, you can see the draft of this blog post. How's that for getting meta?!