Friday, July 20, 2018

Ya Gotta Regatta

Mario brought us a desk to put into the other bedroom. It's a beautiful converted sewing maching table. I really appreciate having it. I like the physical isolation in the other room while I work. It makes me more productive:
I walked with Laura to her language class this afternoon. On the way home I was determined to pay attention to some of the smaller details that perhaps I've been ignoring in the vast sea of newness. An example of one such detail is the sundial way up high on this building:
Here's a closer view:
The shadow was basically correct up to daylight savings time. Of course, being tucked up under the eave like that is probably less than ideal for a sundial, haha.

Preparations continue for la Velá de Triana (as I have learned is this event's official name). This is some kind of stage:
The first event was a regatta on the river. Rowing teams compete with each other using the same pair of boats adorned with LED lights. They do 3 lengths of a course. The best part is when they do sharp turns around buoys at the end of each length:
I did a time lapse of a couple of lengths of another race:
Here's a video of one team making a turn:
In a later race, we watched one poor team miss the buoy and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to go back around.

Things are still hopping out there. We just heard the marching band go by and the main street here is quite crowded this evening.