Friday, January 11, 2019

Business Meeting

Mostly stayed home and did math today. Made some progress on a couple of different projects, so a productive day.

This afternoon I went for a run along the river. It's a bit colder here today, only 13C (about 55F). Once I got moving, I was warm enough. The sunshine makes all the difference. You never get clear, sunny days like this in Walla Walla in the winter.

On the way back home, I passed this family of ducks on the river holding a business meeting:


A friend of mine, Martin, from my language class is back in town from his vacation in Berlin. We went to dinner with him at Antojo, a tapas bar that has a blackened cod dish that I really like. We talke about our vacations, had some beer and about 5 different tapas, include the cod. A nice time. We walked back home through the Alameda where Martin split off. We walked home.

As I write this, Rachel is on the train back to Sevilla from Malaga. She should get here around 11:30pm if all goes well.