Friday, October 26, 2018

Is It Too Early For Christmas Decorations?

I walked with Laura to her class this morning just to get some air. I noticed this little deli decorated for Halloween.

As I continued about 50 yds down the street, I saw this bakery had one-upped them by putting up their Christmas decorations:


It rained most of the day today. I mostly stayed in and worked on a paper. Made a lot of progress, but every once in a while I got up to walk around. The bar across the street was business as usual, at least from what I could see from our window:


This evening we had dinner at CafĂ© & Tapas sort of the McDonalds of tapas bars. It's main advantage is that it's right around the corner. Good for when it's cold and rainy.

And the food is pretty good.


Emily passed her phd qualifier today. We sent her some Cold Stone Creamery Cupcakes to celebrate.

I know I wasn't as stressed as she was about it, but I was definitely feeling a bit of stress. I think most folks that have done a hard science phd will say that passing the oral qualifier was the peak of the experience. The thesis defense and degree are less uncertain, more under control. You don't choose to defend your thesis unless you're ready. The qualifier is always iffier--maybe you're ready, maybe you're not, we'll see. Emily was ready. She's smart, she worked hard and she passed.