Saturday, December 22, 2018


Today we headed back to Sevilla and Emily arrived. Rachel and I got up early in Tangier so we could visit the Atlantic Ocean. I've spent my entire life in the context of the beaches of the eastern US. Every time I ever went to the beach, I'd look out at the ocean and wonder what was on the other side. Today, I saw the other side for the first time:

We dipped our hands in the water. It was relatively warm-comparable to the water in the mid-Atlantic states in the summer:

Here's the hotel we stayed in. Rachel and I were on the 13th floor:

This was our last view from our hotel room. The morning light highlighting the buildings of Tangier:

After breakfast, we made our way to the ferry terminal. The glass front was pretty with the city-scape behind it:

The ferry ran on time and Ric drove us back to Sevilla. There wasn't much traffic and we made it home by 3:30pm.

We hung around and recovered from our two non-stop days in Morocco. Then, Ric and I went out to get Emily at the Sevilla aiport. The sunset over Sevilla was beautiful as we went to Ric's rental car:

The moonrise in the other direction was equally lovely:

Laura had a great spread ready for us upon our successful retrieval of Emily:

She also managed to do a little decorating for Christmas:

So, long story short, we've successfully gathered for Christmas in Sevilla. Tomorrow we are going to tour the Cathedral.