Sunday, March 24, 2019

Narrow opening

Managed to prove a theorem today that I'd been working on this week. Turns out the statement of the theorem wasn't true. I found a counter-example while trying to prove it this morning. Fortunately, the counter-example made it clear what the correct statement of the theorem should have been. Once I fixed the theorem, the proof came relatively easily. It's definitely easier to prove true theorems than false ones, haha.


I went for a walk with Laura this afternoon. We went to a "cycling in Sevilla" exhibit, but it wasn't that interesting. On the way home, we passed by a park that has been under construction since we got here last summer and is now open. Honestly, it's not clear what they actually did. It looks like any other park. My guess is that they were busy doing something to the infrastructure under the park, not to the park itself. That said, it's a pretty space:

On the way home, we passed by Plaza de San Francisco to see the progress on bleacher construction for the Semana Santa processions. The aisle that all of these procession have to pass through seems surprisingly narrow. Also interesting to note, the bleachers in this plaza are custom fit around lightposts, trees, fountains etc. They are clearly for this purpose and this purpose only: