Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Gym Time

All this running seems to have caught up with me. I've been nursing a sore left foot for a few days and I think my body is telling me that there's been too much running this year. Before coming to Spain, I rarely ran for exercise (for precisely this reason). I either used aerobics machines in the gym like the elliptical or stairclimber or road my bike on hour-long training rides. Here, without those options, I've been running along the river. I think I've developed a mild case of metatarsalgia, so I'm gonna stop for a while and do something else. Laura checked out the gym that occupies the same building as her language school for me today. I think I'll try that for the remainder of my time here.


Still playing around with my GoPro. This evening I did a 2fps timelapse for about a half-hour. I sped it up to 60fps (30x) and got this:

It was pretty breezy during the shot. You can see the puffs of air on the surface of the river.


Laura found an app called Paso a Paso that is developed by someone here in Sevilla to keep track of all the religious processions during Semana Santa. Looks pretty useful.