Friday, February 1, 2019

Centroids of Arcs

This morning I computed the centroid of a circular arc and was pleasantly surprised by some of the results. I think the exercise would fit well into a calculus textbook. This little interactive app I built shows how the centroid of a circular arc evolves as the arc length is changed:

In more serious work, I'm still reading about nonlinear optimization in hopes of getting a grip on a larger problem I'm wrestling with.

In Spanish verb practice, I focused mostly on present tense verb conjugation today. I went through about 25 verbs today--hoping to develop a bit of an instinct about speaking the correct conjugation quickly.

My river walk was very windy today:

Perhaps the windiest day I've experienced here in Sevilla.

Mexican food, one of our staples back in Walla Walla, is hard to come by here. Laura has developed a pretty good method of making refried beans from pinto beans:

We had bean burritos for dinner and they were muy excelente.

To celebrate Friday, we hit the helado place for dessert. I went with my old standby, "brownie".

We're big fans of the Whitman women's tennis team. In honor of their home opener today vs. Seattle U. we sent them a selfie of us on the Triana bridge wearing our team sweatshirts: