Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Other Side

For the first time, I crossed over the river to our west during an afternoon walk:

There are two bridges pretty close to the flat that cross the river. On the way out, I used the south, on the way back, the north. The river there flows quickly and is quite muddy:

I was suprised to see the river flowing north, away from the Atlantic Ocean, a mere 100km south. Then I realized that being that close to the ocean, the river must be tidal on this side (where it isn't flood controlled). I looked up the tide table and, sure enough, I had crossed around 4pm which fell between the low tide time (noon) and the high tide time (6pm). The eastern channel through Sevilla is so closely controlled by locks at the south that it doesn't have any tidal movement.

The space on the other side is sparsely inhabited, rural and agricultural:

I also found where the carriage horses in the city center are boarded:

I met this carriage horse to be along the dirt road I followed north along the river:

I also saw a number of mountain bikers along the trail. It was good to get out of the city and travel along some dirt roads. Coming from Walla Walla where I can hike in the Blues anytime I want, the constant urban landscape can get tiresome.


Speaking of "the other side", I'm on the other side of the paper I've been working on too. I finally submitted it to a journal. Now I can work on other things, at least until the journal gets back to me. This particular journal shoots for a 6 month turn around, so I'll still be in Spain when I hear about whether it's been accepted and whether it needs revising.


Finally, I'm looking forward to being on "the other side" of this election, though we won't know anything about results here until we get up on Wed morning.