Sunday, April 7, 2019

Bunny Bumps

Another rainy day in Sevilla. I managed to go out for a run in one of the breaks in the weather. Later I went for a walk with Laura and got rained on a bit.

We walked along another pedestrian street in Triana, close to the feria grounds. It too has a freshly painted bike lane.


Sundays I try to call people. Of course, being 6 hours ahead of the east coast and 9 hours ahead of the west coast, I can't really do that until after 3pm our time. That said, I managed to talk to Jo-Anne, Rachel, and Emily. Rachel is dog sitting Penny this week and so was enjoying some time with Penny while we talked. Emily is in the process of adopting a second rabbit, Apricot, in addition to her current bunny Benji. I didn't realize it until she started the process, that it is challenging to bring a second rabbit into a household. The rabbits can actually fight and not get along to the point that the second rabbit has to go back to the shelter. Apricot and Benji seem to get along at times and then at other times have conflict. Emily was sitting on the couch while we talked, giving the two rabbits some together time (normally they're kept separate until they can reliably stay together without fighting). Here Apricot is grooming Benji, which is a good sign. Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship: