Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A little off the top

The orange trees in Sevilla are heavily laden with ripe or nearly ripe oranges. There must be some method of collecting/harvesting/cleaning up this impending mess of fruit. It's illegal for people to pull oranges from the trees in Sevilla, so it's not like people are just going to pick them. Also, it's my understanding that the oranges are of a very tart variety and would not be good to just eat. They're more for use in marmalades.

I witnessed one approach to the orange problem across the street from our flat. There are a few trees in the parking area there. A crew came and I have this before and after picture:

Not only are the oranges taken care of, but a good portion of the trees themselves are now gone.


Out for a walk this evening and San Jacinto was quite smokey, as per usual:

I wonder how many more months the chestnut thing goes?