Sunday, August 12, 2018

Closed Sunday

After my morning run, I pretty much took it easy today. Of course, there was the laundry and the dishes etc, but that all happened in my pajamas.

This morning I went out for my usual run, headed north along the river. As I often do, I decided to run out for a while and take a bike share back. In this way, I can go a little further and explore new areas of Sevilla. I knew from past excursions that there was a park at the north end of the river. Here's my route:
I stopped running a bit early because the park was all gravel roads and my minimalist running shoes don't provide much protection from stones. It's a nice park. There were a fair number of cyclists, mostly mountain bikes. Also a lot of pedestrians and runners enjoying a Sunday in the park. There were a lot of trees:
And a pond, with several turtles, like this one:
Finished with the park, I started south towards home and a bike share station. After a bit of a hike, I found one and punched in my code... it didn't work. I tried and tried, but no luck. I decided to keep walking towards home and try the next bike share station. I passed under this highway bridge. Kind of interesting design:
I found the next bike share and punched in my code... still no luck. At least I knew where I was. Unfortunately, I was about 3 miles from home, it was hot and I was thirsty. As I walked towards home, I encountered another bike share station. I decided to call Laura to get her code. Sadly, it didn't work either. Though, Laura had a good idea as to why. She recalled that when we signed up for the year, they gave us a temporary code to access the system until our tap cards arrived. She speculated, correctly, that the code had finally expired.

There was nothing left to do but keep walking. Ah well. Now I know that I just have to carry my tap card with me wherever I go:
The rest of the day went by pretty low-key. We did the laundry. It was so hot and sunny, the wet clothes dried pretty quickly on the rooftop clotheslines.

Laura cooked a couple of meals today and we put them into the fridge. Her language class usually has her missing dinner during the week, so I really appreciate having quality meals to eat when she's away at school.

I found this small calendar in the second bedroom of our flat today:
The second bedroom of our flat was occupied by Mario and Palma's two children for the 15 years that the family lived here. My guess is that this calendar from 2012 was made by one of the parents to remind the children of important dates. If you look closely at the color key at the top, birthdays are marked in green. I flipped through the old calendar and was able to determine the birthdates of Mario, Palma and their two children. Still debating whether I want to just randomly wish them happy birthdays when their respective birthdays arrive. They would have no idea how we figured it out. On the other hand, that might also be disturbingly creepy. So... still on the fence about that idea, haha.

In an unusual turn of events, I'm watching the Mariners baseball game live. Usually the games are in the middle of the night here, but a Sunday afternoon game in Houston today has it on live here starting at 8pm. Don't wanna jinx them, but they could be about to sweep the Astros in a 4-game series.