Thursday, July 4, 2019

Philadelphia -> La Plata

We left Jim's around 9am and headed to La Plata, MD to visit with our niece, Megan, and nephew, Kris. They're rising high school senior and we had a chance to talk a bit about the college application process. They have a lot of ideas and we hope to help them organize and strategize over the next couple of months.

Meredith got us tickets to a minor league baseball game featuring the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs against the York Revolutionaries. The game was delayed due to heavy rain. We headed over and ate at the concessions while the rain tapered off. We found our seats:

We watched the grounds crew clear the tarp and clean up the infield. Opening festivities occurred. Anthems were sung, players introduced and even a pitch was thrown. Then, it started pouring again. The tarp came out and players started doing the slip 'n' slide while we waited. Eventually, the game was postponed, so we headed home. Kris got some good hazardous driving practice on the way home through the rainy night. He did a good job.

We chatted briefly about how to move forward with the college application process and bade our farewells. It was great to spend some time with them, even though it wasn't much.