Saturday, September 22, 2018

Working Moms

The shortening days definitely evident as we move into Autumn. This morning I noticed that the sun hadn't even cleared the cathedral in el centro:
When I first started my morning walk/runs, the sun was way up by the time I got out there, usually around 8:30am. Now it's just barely above the horizon. I imagine at some point I'm going to have to delay my morning activities a bit just waiting for daylight.


A week after the procession that wasn't, a couple of young volunteers went down our street today with a ladder and a pair of scissors and took down all of the decorations:

They were not super confident with the ladder. One of the painters that was doing some touch up on the building across the street gave them some pointers on how to raise and lower the ladder and move it around. While they worked hard, the two seemed to be a liability lawsuit waiting to happen. They worked most of the day and it was hot.


During the daily shopping trip today, Laura spotted some ginger snap cookies. We both like them, so we bought some. Pretty tasty, could be a regular thing:


This afternoon, after the laundry was all done, we went to el Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla. There were paintings and sculptures with Sevilla connections dating back to the 15th century. The overwhelming majority of the art was religious in nature and Catholic to be specific. There were no photos allowed, but I snapped a couple of quick ones (no flash) of pieces I really liked. For example, this piece of tile dated back to 1490--two years before Columbus landed. I liked this because we live in the ceramics district of Sevilla:
This painting of Triana by Emilio Sanchez features la Puente de Isabel II (el mejor puente):
It dates back to around 1890 and, if our building existed then, it would be in among the buildings on the right. My favorite was this painting of women working in a tobacco factory from 1915 by the artist Gonzalo Bilbao. I liked it because we see a woman in the foreground breastfeeding her infant and the child's empty cradle next to her on the factory floor. We also see the women around her seemingly supportive. The challenges of the working mom from over 100 years ago:
The museum is housed in a block-sized building with a number of lovely courtyards:

There was so much in this museum, that I think I could go back several times and enjoy myself. Perhaps, once I get back from my conference next week, I'll head over there again.