Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Laura and I noticed a posting in foyer this morning:

Apparently it's normal to have inspections of all gas appliances and connections in all flats. As this notice indicates, our inspection will be between 10am and 1pm on April 26.


This thank you note/postcard I sent to the Simon family this morning is the first time I ever mailed something that didn't either go to or come from the United States:


The tear down of the common part of the procession routes continues apace in Plaza de San Francisco:

Gotta get all this stuff out of the way before feria starts in 2 weeks.


At Rachel's recommendation, I've been reading Shortest Way Home by Pete Buttigieg (boot-a-judge), the mayor of South Bend, IN. He's also a democratic presidential candidate. It's been an ok read so far, but today he got into the value of AI, data, and machine learning in running a city. His understanding of the strengths and limitations of these new techniques is impressive. His ability to articulate those ideas to a lay audience--even better. I'm thinking of using some excerpts of this section in my machine learning class. Also, I'd vote for him, if he made it that far. Of course, I'd vote for a warm sack of shit if Donald Trump was the alternative, so I guess that's not saying much. Buttigieg certainly epitomizes what I'd like to see in a President, mayor, or any public servant.