Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Say yes to the dress

Today I made my way down to the fair for the first time since it got going on Sunday. We entered through the main gate with many others:

The tourists and non Sevillanos were easy to spot. We were the only ones not dressed up in suits or flamenco dresses:

This part of Sevilla is normally barren, empty space, but for feria it is transformed into a city within a city. The empty grid of streets is populated by tents both private and public. The primary activity seems to be drinking and socializing. The thoroughfares resemble a scene out of the 19th century:

The local firefighters had a tent of their own:

At the end of the fair area is a collection of the usual carnival rides:

What was most interesting here was seeing formally dressed folks riding in cramped and unpredictable carnival rides.


I did manage to get some work done today. I made some headway in analyzing the clustering algorithm today. It's interesting to let an algorithm decide how to sort some data and then have to come through and try to put some kind of human interpretation on the result. This is not the way I've approached data in the past.