Wednesday, February 13, 2019

No hay agua

We got a notice in the mail last week that there would be water system testing and disruptions to service over this week. The notice claimed that there only be shutoffs in the wee hours. Clearly something went wrong today:

Those are the dirty dishes in our sink from lunch today because there's no water to wash them with. Somehow the bar across the street did lunch today, but the owner walked down the street to "talk" to the workers quite frequently:

The water was still off when we went to our respective language classes at 3:30pm. It was still off when I got home at 6pm. I went out for a walk along the river and took this picture:

 It was still off when I got back at 7:30pm. I met Laura at a nearby bus stop at 8pm and we went to Ikea in Tomares to get me a lap desk:

The poor guys were still working in the street when we passed by at 9:30pm. However, when got into our flat, the water was at full pressure.


My lap desk is nice. I'm using it as I write this.


We made some last-minute plans to go to Mallorca this weekend. Mallorca is an island part of Spain in the Mediterranean.

Should be interesting. Our flight leaves early Saturday and returns Monday around midday.