Thursday, September 27, 2018


Rachel dropped me off at the airport this morning, but not before a trip to The Salty Donut is kind of on the way to the airport. We shared three donuts. All were excellent. One came with a little bottle of rum.
Flights were on time today. After a 5.5 hr first leg, I changed planes in Las Vegas. I have to say I was briefly shocked at this sight as I emerged from the jetway:
But then I remembered where I was.

It's nice to be back in the American West. Seems like home. By the time I got down to Orem, UT, the sun had dipped behind the hills to the West:
As always, the Wasatch Range to the East is impressive:
But not as impressive as this Raspberry Rhubarb Vegan donut that Rachel and I had this morning:
Spent a little time this evening catching up with my dept colleague, Marina, from Whitman who is also attending this conference.

Another time change, another attempt to stay awake until 10pm. Eight minutes to go! According to the internet I'm about 5,300 miles from Sevilla and Laura. I'm sure her Spanish is improving by leaps and bounds now that I'm not around dragging her back to English.