Wednesday, July 25, 2018

99% Wrong

I realize sitting down to write this that I didn't post the promised videos from last night's visit to the square to see who was on the concert stage. The challenge is that I take all these photos and videos on my phone. When I get home, the phone uploads all the stuff to my google photos. I can't put anything into these pages until that upload finishes. The internet here in the flat isn't bad for downloading, but for uploading I suspect it's not much better than the old phone modems we used to have in the 90's. Especially when there's a video, I think the uploads aren't finishing until well into the night. I guess the move is to just post them a day late. So, here are a couple of videos from last night's performance. I should give credit to who these performers are, but I can't find any information about them anywhere:

Tomorrow, I'll post the video I took just now at this evening's performances.

This morning I went out for a run. I ran about 4 miles out along the river, found a bike share station and rode back home. It was a nice combination that I think I'll keep trying.

Laura received her absentee ballot from Walla Walla, filled it out and was ready to mail it (for some reason, mine has yet to arrive, even though, presumably they were both mailed at the same time). We went to the local post office to make sure it received the correct postage, but it was closed (summer hours):
We did notice that there was another post office listed on the sign as having longer hours. Also, it was in the direction of Laura's language school, so we walked over that way. It was open, there wasn't really any waiting and the postal clerk was quite efficient. Laura's vote is on its way back to Walla Walla and should get there well before the Aug 7th election date. We continued from the post office to the language school passing by the Catedral de Sevilla:
The main entrance really is impressive. We haven't been on the tour yet. We're saving it for a rainy day, literally. I'm looking forward to seeing the inside though. With Laura in class, I walked back home (obligatory photo from the bridge):
I spent the afternoon doing math, as per usual. A mathematician's life is mostly coming up with conjectures and convincing yourself (and others) that they're correct. Unfortunately, you have to get used to being wrong... a lot. About 99 out of 100 conjectures that a mathematician comes up with are wrong somehow. The other 1 out of 100, we prove and subsequently publish. I have a conjecture I've been working on for a couple of days now and today I proved it was wrong. I was disappointed. I really liked it. But, not surprised.

Later in the afternoon, while working on the next conjecture, I realized that my proof of the incorrectness of the earlier conjecture was... incorrect. I've been doing this for a while and the mixed emotions are weird. On the one hand, the conjecture that I liked lives to fight another day. On the other hand, I made a mistake convincing myself that it was false. Things like this happen all the time with math. I'm sure after a few hours tomorrow, I'll again convince myself that the conjecture is false and a few hours after that, I'll convince myself that my argument for why it's false is correct. But, it's fun and I'm looking forward to playing around with it again tomorrow.

As I alluded to earlier, this evening, after Laura got home from class, we went out to the square to see who was on stage tonight. I'll post video tomorrow, but the one photo we took, a selfie of us, at least, has been uploaded to google:
One more day of the festival left. We'll see who's playing on stage tomorrow evening.