Thursday, July 18, 2019

Santa Barbara -> Walla Walla

With our flight at 2:30pm and Emily working in the lab this morning, we only met briefly at her apartment to say goodbye to the bunnies:

We then had lunch with her at the UCSB student center and then headed to the airport. We turned in the rental car, checked our bags, and passed through airport security for what hopefully is the last time for a while. The leg from Santa Barbara to Seattle was a bit late so we had a rushed connection for our flight to Walla Walla.

We made it to Walla Walla on time:

Mick and Lynette picked us up and took us home. We chatted for a while and they left us their car and walked home. Turns out you can't rent a car in Walla Walla at 6:30pm anywhere, small town. We have their car until we can pick up a rental tomorrow morning.

Walla Walla is mostly the same with some small changes that keep catching our attention.

Halley and Aidan left the house in immaculate condition and we are so grateful for their care and attention this whole year. Even my favorite houseplant is thriving:

We went to the grocery store for just a few items for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. We then unpacked our suitcases and are now watching the coverage of Stage 12 of the Tour de France before hitting the sack.

This is the final entry of the WallaVilla blog. It's been quite a year plus and this blog will stand as an imperfect record of our time away from Walla Walla and living in Sevilla, Spain from June 11, 2018 to July 18, 2019.