Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Vinyl in Sevilla

Preparations continue for the festival next week. Today workers were decorating the bridge:
The green and white paper balls are carefully put around incandescent bulbs:
I walked with Laura to her language class today. We got there early and wandered around the neighborhood. We found a store with actual vinyl records:
I guess if there are gonna be 500 year old cathedrals across the street you don't want to abandon vinyl too quickly. We also found a tea store that definitely has whatever tea you're looking for:

Here's the front of the building that contains Laura's language school for future reference:
I met her here 3.5 hrs later after class and we went out to dinner.

The bridge decorators made good progress:
We went out again for a walk this evening. We saw a store with fancy Cons for kids in the window:
and for adults:
Had another good math day. Hopefully one of many this year.