Thursday, April 4, 2019

Manhattan Voronoi Tessellations

Sometimes it's nice to visualize a math problem. Visualization can provide insights and also sanity checks. This is a Manhattan Voronoi tessellation with a Gaussian density function.

Tomorrow I'm going to implement a Lloyd iteration to compute a Manhattan centroidal Voronoi tessellation. I anticipate that the resulting tessellation will be more regular and aesthetically pleasing.


This afternoon I continued doing exercises in probability theory out of the book All of Statistics. The exercises continue to be challenging and interesting. Today I focused mainly on conditional probabilities and independence of events.


During my walk/run today, I passed through a park on the west side of the river that I had not visited in a few weeks. The fountains were all going and there were a lot of flowers:

The weather forecast shows cool weather and rain for the next several days, so I'm glad I got out to enjoy the sunshine today. Also, managed to get in a load of laundry. Might not be able to hang clothes on the roof for a couple of days either.