Thursday, May 16, 2019


Yet Another Procession. Hearing loud fireworks overhead for the better part of a half hour this afternoon, I was wondering what the heck was going on. When Laura got home from class, she said there was another procession going on. They do like their processions here in Sevilla.


The Galilean thermometer was damaged in shipping, so I ordered a replacement:

It arrived today. It's all glass and a wonder that these items ever survive shipping. This one is intact. I'm going to ship the damaged one back tomorrow using the packaging that this one came in.


The days are getting longer and longer here as we approach the summer solstice:


Learned a bit about my clustering problem today. Turns out the clusters were mostly sorting the students by their grade point averages. I'm going to try a different approach tomorrow by normalizing the grade point vectors and hope for more interesting clusters.