Friday, September 14, 2018

The Rain in Spain...

falls mainly in Sevilla... at least this evening. We had our first real rain since arriving here in Spain (way back on July 2nd).

All of those carefully placed adornments for tomorrow evening's procession are getting drenched. For being made of paper, they're holding up well.

Laura and I were on our way down to the Catedral area for dinner when we decided to head back home and go out tomorrow. We made it back to the flat just in time. Here are a few pictures. The tower in the distance was our destination, but the weather in that direction didn't look inviting:
In our own neighborhood, the clouds were gathering:
We watched the rain from our balcony:
It was interesting to watch the street cafes scramble to get their customers indoors and their tables out of the rain:

There was a kind of giddiness among the denizens of the neighborhood as they stood about and watched the pour. I guess we all have a certain attraction to the change of seasons.

The day started normally enough. Here's a shot of the path along the river that I either walk or run every day:

Another good math day. I found a few interesting references for a problem I'm working on. Looking forward to digging into them.