Saturday, November 17, 2018

Nativities 'Я' Us

We took advantage of some nice weather and a weekend with no painting crews hanging from ropes tied to the roof to do two loads of laundry today. Gotta have that roof clothesline. Generally relaxed weekend.


This evening, after dinner, we walked about. Over in Plaza Nueva there was a "pop-up" old book market. It looked like old and rare books shops from all over Spain organized this event. Some of the books looked quite old:

A little further along, we came upon another collection of temporary merchant stalls beneath the walls of the cathedral. In this market one could satisfy all of one's nativity and miniature needs:

For the person that doesn't have enough variety in their miniature cow collection:

As a mathematician, I always appreciate recursion. I like this nativity in which Joseph is holding a lamp that has a nativity in it. I'm not sure if the Joseph in the lamp is also holding a lamp with a nativity inside, but I like to think that's the case:

Finally, if your nativity is just a bit too static, don't worry, one shop has animatronic figures for all of your motion active miniature needs. From nativity to simple medieval Spanish peasant scenes:

Real market or minimart? You decide:

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