Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Los Pintores

The paint crew came to the flat this morning right on schedule (if not a bit early). They removed the shutters:

There was some confusion about how to label them so that they would be put back in their original positions. Based on what we saw and understood, I'll be surprised if they make it back to their former spots, haha.

The shutters were painted somewhere else–I'm guessing on the roof. I think they're still there as I write this drying. Once the shutters were pulled out, one of the painters stayed and painted the railings outside the windows. This required the windows to be open and for one of us to hang around the flat. I'm glad I decided to move my office into the little nook behind the kitchen. Not only was I able to work in there, but I was able to keep the door closed to minimize paint fumes and run a little space heater to keep warm. The rest of the flat was pretty cold.

The railings are now painted. Laura talked to the painter at the end of the day. He said he would come back on Thu at 10am to put the shutters back. I'm glad we'll have all of this work finished before guests arrive next Wed.


I made some progress on my machine learning weather project. I finished preparing the data and took a run at it with a keras deep-learning neural network. I got a 95% accuracy on my test data on the first pass, which might seem pretty good, but when the positive classifications are only 4% of the entire data set, you realize that's crap. Indeed, I could write a really simple classifier that always predicts negative on this set and get a 96% accuracy rate. I'll take hit it with a bit more sophistication tomorrow. The lesson I'm really learning is that preparing your data for a machine learning project is as challenging as the actual machine learning process.

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