Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Return to baseline

With the Christmas holiday behind us and no visitors in the flat this week, there's a real sense of returning to normal. Rachel is in Malaga this week attending a conference. She'll be back here on Saturday for a day and a half, then we both fly to the US. Rachel will return to Miami and her fourth semester of graduate school. I'll go to a conference in Baltimore.

For some reason I was unusually cold this morning. I tried a number of different space heater configurations, but my office in the back room of the kitchen was just too drafty. Laura suggested that I move my office back into the guest room since Rachel will only be using it briefly on her transition from Spain to the US. The heater in the guest room is effective for that space and there are no drafts. I agreed and we moved all of my stuff back to the guest room:

It's almost like I never was gone. It was a vast improvement in warmth too.


Laura's trying an afternoon Spanish class this week which is yet another return to the past. For most of the first few months of our time here, she was in the 4-7:30pm time slot. This time around it's to a more advanced class. She's just trying it out to see if she can manage it.


The streets are a bit less sticky today. No rain in the forecast.

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